Governor Lee & Legislators Eager to Lead on Educational Choice

The push for educational choice continues as this past week Governor Lee, the Senate and the House all presented ideas for how Governor Lee’s Educational Freedom Scholarships could be structured. Hearings on the recommendations will occur in House and Senate committees this week.

With public polling showing dramatic support for the idea that every student is unique, elected officials are eager to support Tennessee kids and families and help complete the comprehensive plan Governor Lee has for Tennessee schools:

Incentivize teachers: Put Tennessee in the top 10 states for teacher pay

More resources for education: $1 billion increase in school funding

Game-changing literacy and summer learning programs to get kids back on track after Covid

More options for students, teachers and families: Being voted on in 2024!

Stay tuned as Tennessee policymakers coalesce around program specifics.

This Week’s FAQs

Are Education Freedom Scholarships popular?

The current ESA pilot program, available only to some families in Shelby, Davidson and Hamilton counties, has a 99% parent satisfaction rate

Here are great links to inform yourself about the opportunity of Education Freedom Scholarships:

Stay tuned as we will be sending out more information on the current push to pass Educational Freedom Scholarships.